And talking of splendid ideas....

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One of today's Greatest Living Englishmen, Pat Condell, had an interview published in AD (Netherlands) at the weekend. Read more...

Here is the transcript in full.

I believe the BNP is a racist party, and therefore I don't support them. They're getting more support now because the mainstream parties have consistently ignored people's legitimate concerns about multiculturalism, and many people feel they've been left with no choice but to vote for them. If politicians listened to what people actually want, the BNP would be nothing.

Quite, and while Geert Wilders gets unceremoniously bundled back across the North Sea, Ibrahim Moussawi is given a free pass to spew his hate speech wherever he wishes.

Does Jacqui Smith want to drive people into the warm embrace of the BNP?


Moussawi will not be given leave to enter the country.


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