A rather splendid little idea....

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....which we hope may, in the fullness of time, become a big one. Read more...

It seems that disillusionment with the mainstream political parties' (apart from certain worthy individuals - stand up, Messrs. Benn, Davis, Green etc.) refusal to address the steady erosion of fundamental liberties that has characterised the last 11 years of Labour rule, has reached such a pitch that hardly a day goes by without the announcement of a new political party or group, calling for an end to curruption and authoritarianism in public life.

We have been contacted today through Twitter by two such organisations, Jury Team and Popular Alliance.

Excellent. Any action, be it a new political party or a barrage of indignant correspondence to candidates, that keeps the major parties honest in respect of civil liberties is to be welcomed. However, we wonder if such a proliferation of candidates from minor parties doesn't rather defeat the object of the exercise, namely to loosen the big three's grip on the democratic process and force a rethink on their approach to liberty, by diluting the protest vote.

Be that as it may, it's at least heartening to know that there is a growing nationwide animus towards the political inertia and disrespect for Parliament that has allowed such a raft of mean spirited, politically driven legislation that criminalises thousands of ordinary, decent people.


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