Palin hits ground running! Ground shudders as End Times approach

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According to a poll conducted last week by CNN, everyone's favourite average small town Alaska hockey mom and Washington outsider (it says here) has nudged into the lead for....wait for it....the 2012 GOP nomination, with Mitt Romney hot on her heels and Some Other Candidate leaving a pre-meltdown Bobby Jindal carrying the wooden spoon. With a mere 1100-odd days remaining until the primary, this could prove to be a real nail biter.

But wait! What's this?

"So many things will happen between now and 2012 that this poll has no real predictive value," says (CNN Polling Director) Keating Holland.

So what can we glean from this startling revelation (no pun intended), apart from nothing of any political value?

We guess it's that even in these times of tightened belts and "Buddy, can you spare a mortgage bailout?", it's comforting to know that there's one demographic group that will never go short, those latter-day Isaiahs, the pollsters.


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