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As if they had nothing better to do with a shade over 1300 days before the next presidential election, Harris conducted an interactive poll last week, in which Americans were asked who they admired enough to call a hero. Read more...

Topping the survey of 2,634 people, whose grasp of history must rank alongside David Irving's, was the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. The Lamb of God, who has clung tenaciously to the top spot since the first such poll in 2001, in the face of fierce competition from the likes of Magic Johnson and Elvis Presley, had to be content with second place. When contacted by The Slinger, The Redeemer's PR people were not available for comment.

That shock result in full (if you can bear to look)....

We'll be keeping a weather eye on this Obama fellow, because the day he actually does something heroic, the sense of universal beatitude will be something to savour.


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