Some dates to remember....

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....and one for your diary.


6th June, 1944; British and Commonwealth troops land on Gold, Juno and Sword beaches in Normandy, and so begins the final chapter in the struggle to rid Europe of a monstrous experiment in homogenising its peoples.

6th June, 1975; opposition leader, Edward Heath, flanked by Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins, welcomes the "yes" vote on Britain's continued membership of the European Economic Community, knowing, but not telling us, that the long-term objective was to transform Europe from a federation of independent sovereign nations into a federal state, one in which state power no longer derives from a popular mandate.

4th June, 2009; Britain has a chance, possibly a last chance, to end this constitutional fraud, this centralisation in Brussels of economic and foreign policy, defence, police, justice and executive, without accountability to the electorate, this lemming-like descent into oligarchical dictatorship, the Lisbon Treaty.

But it's not all bad news. The estimable Archbishop Cranmer has an excellent piece on the launch of Libertas, which is....

quite categorically ‘pro-European’. But it wants ‘radical reform of its institutions to make them more democratic and accountable’.

....and which appears, finally, to have jolted the Conservatives out of their Euro-torpor, to the extent that yesterday William Hague and Mark Francois travelled to Brussels and informed European People's Party chairman and MEP, Joseph Daul, of the Tories' intention to leave the federalist group before the European elections (no mention of this in the news section of the EPP's own website, but a click on Britain on the map at the top of their member parties page delivers the following telling message, "no member parties").

So, is a vote for the Conservatives on 4th June a vote for the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty European Constitution? Will Cameron make good his leadership campaign promise?

Whisper it, but it's looking a little more hopeful today. The future looks just that little bit brighter. But don't hang out the bunting just yet. Check the front pages of today's papers for a report on this. You'll need a microscope.

Still, something to cheer us up after what has been a pretty miserable few months news wise.

If Cameron really is as good as his word and we get the referendum the country needs and desires, what price a return to the Tory fold of the splendid, redoubtable Nigel Farage, as, without a backward glance, he leaves UKIP and its hatstand fringe behind him? Well, we can hope, can't we?

To emphasise the importance of 4th June, and to remind David Cameron that, at least today, he is answerable to us and not to Brussels (and that we have the nuclear option of UKIP or Libertas up our sleeves), we leave you with this excerpt from an article written last year by Helga Zepp-LaRouche....

Lest anyone remain doubtful about what this Lisbon Treaty means—an oligarchical dictatorship, in which member-states' sovereignty has been wholly relinquished in favor of an aggressive, imperial structure, one in which a new feudalism leaves no remaining handles for defending the social welfare state and the general welfare, and which would lead us further down the road to a suicidal confrontation with Russia and China, as demonstrated most recently by the EU's behavior in the case of Kosovo—then let him take to heart the words of the treaty's author, Giuliano Amato, who is currently Italy's Interior Minister.

In an interview with La Stampa on July 12, 2000, Amato elaborated on how his model is England and the Middle Ages: "Therefore I prefer to go slowly, to crumble little by little pieces of sovereignty, avoiding sudden shifts from national to federal powers.... And why not going back to the period before Hobbes? The Middle Ages had a much richer humanity, and a diversity of identity which today can be a model. The Middle Ages is beautiful; it can have policymaking centers, without entirely relying on anyone. It is beyond the bounds of the nation-state. Today, as then, nomads are reappearing in our societies. Today also, we have powers without territories. Without sovereignties....Democracy does not need a sovereign."


Anonymous said...

If Amato wrote that drivel about the Middle Ages, then he's a complete nutcase! And only someone who a complete nutcase could have helped write the weasel words of that paean to treachery - the Lisbon Treaty!


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