Serious men with serious purpose

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CIF has a clip of former Master of the Rolls and Lord Chief Justice, Lord Bingham of Cornhill's speech to the Convention on Modern Liberty. Read more...

We commend it to you, dear reader....

The Commons should be a bastion and defender of our freedoms, not an accomplice in their unjustified erosion.

Hear hear.

What makes us hopeful that the COML will be more than just an irrelevant talking shop is the fact that it has attracted support from all shades of opinion, uniting such politically diverse individuals and organisations as the Countryside Alliance, Tony Benn and David Davis in this grand endeavour to restore our treasured personal liberty.

When the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom (of which Lord Bingham is a key architect) sits for the first time later this year, its first task must surely be to rule on the constitutionality of the raft of malignant, politically inspired security legislation that has marked this government's time in office, and remove its crushing weight from our shoulders for ever.

Such a shame that the Noble Lord will not be the Court's first president.


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