Martial law? Surely not!

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The Devil raises a profoundly disturbing story, originally told by the redoubtable Ian Parker-Joseph, about the possible use of the army to quell disturbances during the forthcoming Summer of Rage™ (self-fulfilling prophecy, anyone?). England Expects fans the flames with a link to this unconsidered trifle. Read more...

Now we would put nothing past this devious and mendacious Government of all the Invertebrates, least of all the leaking of a scare story which they know will whip the conspiracy theorists into a frenzy, in order to draw attention away from the growing cross-party consensus for restoration of our stolen freedoms, exemplified by Saturday's Convention on Modern Liberty.

However, as we said in another place earlier today, if there is a grain of truth to this horrifying revelation, soldiers from General Sir David Richards to the lowliest private, would do well to remember where their allegiances lie, that their oath is to Her Majesty the Queen and not to any elected government.


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